Thursday, October 27, 2016

Prismacolor drawings in Steven Print Gallery

Three of my six Prismacolor drawings are displayed in the window of Steven Print Gallery, 208 Church Street, Richmond. They will be in the window for one week and thereafter will be kept in general stock for sale. Thanks to Heather for supporting local artists like myself.

Monday, October 24, 2016


Whenever I feel low and unmotivated like I did today, brought on I think by the fact that there was so much I wanted to do, but body pain, dizziness and general migraine symptoms was getting in the way; I try to think of things I'm grateful for. I made my otherwise sore back even worse by carrying home all the paintings I had up on the walls of Boheme Cafe. I suppose I could have left them on show a little longer, but there it is. They are all down now and carefully packed away back home. I received many complements about the paintings and Connor (an acquaintenance) pointed out that he loved the deep contrast between the dark, moody skies and the bright elements. I thanked Gina for allowing me to show the paintings. I'm always grateful to be given the opportunity to show what I've been working on. Hopefully there will be some nice white wall available for me to hang the next body of work when its completed. My son had lunch with me yesterday. I really appreciate having such a wonderful person in my life. As much as I loathe all my bodily symptoms, which are chronic, demanding and at times debilitating, I certainly know I'm alive and remind myself that whatever I'm experiencing it could always be worse. A small thing perhaps, but I'm pleased that plants in my garden, happy with the abundance of Springtime rain are graced with beautiful flowers and each day, several times a day, a pair of Blackbirds and a pair of Doves forage around my potplants and eat the rolled oats I provide for them to eat. After all that rain and cold I'm totally grateful for the sunshine. It warms my bones and my painful arthritis melts away under the soft caress of its rays. I saw the Reverend of the Wayside Chapel, Kings Cross interviewed on One Plus One the other day and what stuck in my mind was when he spoke of seeing the miraculousness of life and in life. I believe I already have that capacity, but it's good to be reminded to open yourself up to the positive aspects inherent in each day and in our interactions with others.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Everybody needs good Neighbours

Walking past St. Paul's Cathedral in the city after having had my hair cut on Monday I noticed this beautiful London Taxi outside the side entrance. There appeared to be a fair amount of activity and I was advised that they'd just shot a scene from a future episode of the television show Neighbours. Apparently it was set up to look as though someone was getting married in England. I don't watch the show so don't know if this appears likely or not.
Photo: Julie Clarke (c) 2016
I really don't know what this 'neighbours' connection is supposed to mean in my life; but an uncanny incident occurred today. A young man threw his arm around Collette Mann whilst I was walking past them in Swan Street and his friend took their photo. Collette Mann is an Australian actress who plays the role of Sheila Canning in Neighbours and I looked at her with my camera at the ready and I said 'May I'? She said yes and I took her photo. Afterwhich she got into her car and drove off. She looked  like she was in a hurry and I did think that perhaps she was attempting to escape from people like us who recognised  her.

Sunday, October 16, 2016


Loss arrived last week and like the Joker card in a Tarot deck complete with stick and knapsack on back, decided to dump the contents he carried into my life. Loss of a confidant, loss of an intimate and a reminder of loss from the past. Loss. Everything and everyone who is no longer there. But also loss of the evidence of those associations, which was played out in cyberspace. The major hurdle, yet to be overcome, is that I have to provide to an organization evidence of an academic relationship I had four years ago. Difficult since all correspondence with the University, a Principal Supervisor and myself were conducted via email and the student I worked with sadly died. When my University abruptly cut me off from my email account four years ago I was upset since I'd lost contact details for many people I knew or had met, but no more upset than I am now, for who would know that one needed to keep safe every email conversation they had with everyone or better still to make hard copies of all correspondence in order not to be caught out in the future. I suppose this is going to be support for the materiality of life rather than the ever floating, disappearing, you can't hold it in your hand evidence of a life, rather than electronic information that can so easily be lost to the past and to the future past that comes. I've had to rely on memory of events and we all know that memory is flawed. Loss. I was already dealing with the fact that a person I knew had disappeared. No not dead, but surely never to cross my path since he would move in different circles and so the loss was akin to a death, if death means in one sense, never again to see or hear from. Strangely enough the ethereality of cyber interactions reminds me of the strange beauty and tenuous nature of our associations with people and brings home to me the fleeting nature of all things. With this knowledge in hand I wonder whether it is better to cling to these things or let each moment pass. Perhaps it is advisable to understand the fragility of moments and lock them away so that they an be successfully retrieved if need be. A lesson I've learnt late.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Visit to Port Melbourne beach 6 October 2016

I usually go to Port Melbourne beach by myself and hadn't been there since January this year (I've been to St. Kilda beach a couple of times during Winter), so I met up with Leonie at 10.30 am, had a cup of coffee at my favorite coffee shop, Ganache Chocolate in Collins Street and then we caught the 109 tram to the beach. What a glorious day weatherwise. I'm so glad I took a tshirt with me to change into as the sun was almost hot. We strolled along Station Pier had a quick look at the new Spirit of Tasmania which was docked and walked on the promenade before having lunch at Delish Fish. Lunch there never disappoints. After lunch we walked along the beach before having a cup of tea, a big rest and some good conversation. One of the most delightful parts of the day was seeing a sailing ship with its sails unfurled as it moved across the distant horizon and the large, wide sandbar that was visible from shore. The sea was as blue as blue today and very calm.
Photo: Julie Clarke (c) 2016

 I just had to photograph the lighthouse reflected in the beautifully calm waters.
Photo: Julie Clarke (c) 2016
And hope that you can see the sailing ship in the middle of the horizon. If you enlarge the photo you may just be able to see it.
Photo: Julie Clarke (c) 2016
Fingers crossed that we get more weather like we had today.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Here's the link to the photo taken today to represent Pharlap's head and to celebrate his 90th Birthday. Right at the end there is a crazy time lapse video of everyone taking up their positions. Look for me, I have white hair and sunglasses just near top of horse ear. Click on link
Compare this tribute to horses photograph which pictures 650 officers and enlisted men during WW1. (Copyright Museum of Victoria).
Photo: Mark Raen

Pharlap's 90th Birthday - photoshoot of Pharlap's head 4 October, 2016

I was one of 350 people who volunteered to be photographed at the Museum of Victoria this morning. It was Pharlap's 90th Birthday and the Museum wanted to reproduce a historial photograph of his head comprised of people grouped in his shape. It was very cold but we registered in the Exhibition Buildings and dutifully donned  our plastic capes. Few were in white, representing his halter, the remainder of us in light brown. Here's a view of us awaiting instructions.
Those in white went outside first, the rest of us followed and stood in our alloted area, demarcated by  string on the ground.
The photographer and those from media outlets stood on the dome of the Exhibition Buildings and were continually photographing us. Only once did they say there were gaps and we had move closer together or further apart. Many took their own photos whilst waiting the half hour until the shoot finished.
The head appeared complete and the bulk of the people we waiting to come out. You can see them grouped together by the side of the building.

I took a photo of the photographer near the dome. I was standing just behind those in white and spent a good deal of my time like many others trying to stop the wind from
disrobing us. We were all very silly as otherwise it would have been quite boring. We were asked to sing happy birthday three times and once when we went inside the Museum.  I suspect that there will be billowing garments & lots of silly looks in the final photos. When I see the end result I'll posts it. Afterwards we were invited to see Pharlap's birthday cake cut, but it took so long I decided to leave before partaking of any. Happy Birthday Pharlap. You were an amazing horse and will never be forgotten.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Article on Blender republished in METALIFE

I haven't tutored at The University of Melbourne for the past four years and so, not being in the academic environment I've not bothered about tracking articles and when my writing is on reading lists for other Universities. However, I did note that my article:  Corporeal Melange: Aesthetics and Ethics of Biomaterials in Stelarc and Nina Sellars ‘Blender’, published in Leonardo: Art and Science Journal, (ed. Roger Malina), 39.5, October, USA: MIT in 2006 has been republished in Leonardo's e-book (eds) Annick Bufreard, Roger Malina and Louise Whitely in their 2014 book METALIFE: Biotechnologies, Synthetic Biology, A-Life and the Arts.